I code design

Martin Metodiev

A colleague of mine once told me that in many ways, the web designer is the users’ advocate. It’s his job to make sure they will be happy working with friendly interfaces that are easy to use. True, I would say.

But even the most beautiful and well-thought-out design has to face the front-end treatment. Imagine buying an expensive designer suit that fits you poorly. It’s no surprise that’s the part designers are scared of most. Because a layout is only as good as its browser implementation.

This is where I get in. I want you to think of that same suit, but getting it custom-tailored instead for the perfect fit. My superpower is to make sure every given design will dress up the most fitting front-end structure, developed exactly for its needs. So I find myself a lucky guy who happens to be the web designer’s advocate, too. UI is my passion and it’s what I do best. Because front-end development is much more than just coding.

— Martin Metodiev